Chewing Bag’s

The successful Chewing Bag’s Siberia and Oden’s are produced by GN Tobacco Sweden AB.  Since 2017 Woermann Cigars is the exclusive distributor for the extraordinary brands and updated its range of products.

Among Siberia red and Oden’s cold dry, a lot of different types complete the offer.

Tobacco for Chewing Bag’s is cut into small fractions, while for Snus tobacco is ground into fine dust, due this difference  nicotine begins to actively penetrate the oral cavity precisely only when consumer nibbling the chewing bag. So the consumer can control the delivery of nicotine from tobacco by activating chewing, he controls when and how much nicotine he wants, while the release of nicotine from snus is constant and uncontrolled.

The holder of GN Tobacco Sweden AB, Gevorg Nalbandyan, and Peter Wörmann have a business relationship  since 2003 , because Mr. Nalbandyan is also the holder of Gajane AB, which distributes the products of Woermann Cigars in Sweden.